It is recommended for people to visit Mount Bromo when they choose Indonesia as the destination for their travel trip because people will be able to enjoy various attractions from the beautiful sunrise to the experience of whispering sands. Those experiences can be enjoyed more perfectly if people can find the best accommodation in this area. Mount Bromo is very popular tourism attraction in Indonesia but near the location, there are some great places which can be chosen as the place to stay during their visit in Mount Bromo area.

The very first hotel choice which can be chosen is Cemara Indah Hotel, Cafe lava Hostel, Bromo Permai Hotel in Cemoro Lawang which is located in Ngadisari village about 2.5 kilometers from Rim Of Bromo. This hotel becomes special choice because it comes with Tenggeresse architecture style as the main design theme. People can also choose another hotel option called SM Bromo Hotel, Yoschis hotel which is located in Ngadas near Bromo.

All hotel has the view right to the Bromo crater and this becomes great attraction for many tourists to stay in this place. All hotel has very strategic location because it is located right next to the main road to Bromo crater.

Jiwa Jawa Lodge becomes great place option to stay when people visit Mount Bromo especially for visitors who bring along the children because it is completed with the park which is pretty wide. It also has coffee shop with its unique terrace and delicious foods. Behind the lodge, there is outdoor stage which is used for yearly event ‘Jazz Gunung’. If people want to enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Bromo and other mounts surround it right from their hotel, choosing Lava View Lodge hotel must be perfect choice which people can make.

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